Financial Reports Inbox
Elaine McCullen Jan 2
to me

Ms. Spencer,

The documents you requested have been prepared and are ready for your review. I have compiled the financial reports for restaurant since its inception, as well as its projected earnings for this coming fiscal year. In my professional opinion, I believe this venture will be beneficial to both Mr. Owens and you.

Should Mr. Owens or his financial advisors have any questions or concerns, please have them contact me. I am available to address any concerns.

Now that the restaurant has become profitable and you are accepting new investors, I believe it to be even more prudent to legally declare a beneficiary in the event of tragedy. I know you had documents drafted up previously. Were you able to execute them? If not, let’s discuss this and make this a priority.

Please contact my office to schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience should you like to discuss this or review these documents in person.


Elaine McCullen
Sr. Financial Advisor

Unknown Caller

+1 212-312-5000
Jan 6 2020
6:12 AM
This message is for Alexis Spencer. My name is Shannon, and I'm a nurse at New York-Presbyterian. You're listed as the emergency contact for Brianne Spencer, and she's currently here in the emergency department. Please call me back at 212-312-5000 as soon as possible. Thank you.
evil stepmother
Monday, January 6, 2020

What did you do to your sister?

hello to you too, evil stepmother

and i didn't do a damn thing to her

Then why is she in the hospital? And why are you listed as her emergency contact?

fuck if i know

I swear, Alexis, if you did anything to hurt Brianne....

what are you gonna do? beat me? no, you like to leave that for that sorry piece of shit you married

i'm in fucking california, jenn. i don't fucking know what happened to your daughter. maybe you should fucking get a clue and pull your head out of your ass

don't fucking use this number again

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January 7, 2020
Tuesday, January 7, 2020

hey holly, it's alex

hi alex

i just wanted to let you know that bri was admitted to ny-pres. they pumped her stomach

omg what happened??

i don't know details. just that she was brought into the er and admitted. you should probably go and follow up

idk what to do tho. i'll have mom call you


please don't do that

then i'll have richard call. he'll know what to do 😊

ffs nvm

lukas flynn
Tuesday, January 7, 2020

fuck, babe. i can't do this

You want me to talk you through it, or you want to not do it?

i talked to her. and she's fucking hopeless. ffs she wants to have RICHARD call me

i give up. let's just run away

Alright where are we going?

FAR, far away

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  • pasta carbonara
  • beef braciole
  • lasagna
  • osso buco
  • pasta aglio olio peperoncino
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